Jesse Laffen

Principal Consultant


At a glance: 

An online search specialist with acknowledged industry-leading understanding of the e-search environment.


In 2012, Jesse observed that search engine optimization was changing for the better, requiring a much broader suite of marketing services to drive revenue. Using Google’s Zero Moment of Truth as a roadmap for effective implementation for clients, he co­founded Kairos Zero late in that year.

Since then, Jesse and Kairos Zero have been auditing digital marketing strategies for clients, designing campaigns to improve their results and executing their tactical implementation through a full range of intelligently chosen and smartly combined tools and media.

The results have been outstanding.


Jesse played a central role in building the largest pureplay SEO agency in the United States core competency, first as senior SEO consultant, progressing eventually to become Director of SEO in 2010. In this role, he directed and developed the consulting services the company offered its clients, determining appropriate offers, deliverables schedules and personnel profiling and training for the company.

During this time, Jesse enjoyed working with a broad spectrum of clients, including major enterprises such Allstate, Sears Holdings, Volvo and United Healthcare, as well as Indianapolis startup Angie’s List (now publicly traded) and several small and mid­sized businesses in both the B2B and B2C spaces.

The commercial context he helped to create saw his own employer organization grow to more than $10 million USD in revenue and over 100 employees. The company debuted on the Inc. 500 list of the fastest­growing companies in America at number 56 the same year he was named “employee of the year.”

Professional Background 

In 2006, Jesse was working in a sales position when he began freelance copy writing to leverage his formal education in journalism at Indiana University.

What began as work for sales brochures quickly progressed to copy for the web, as more small businesses began to take seriously the prospect of their marketing online. After writing one series of promotional emails for a local lawyer, he was shown the results of those efforts through email analytics, cementing his enthusiasm for online marketing.

Soon after, he took a position performing off­site SEO services for clients and on­site copy writing with a local web development startup. Jesse was one of just five employees at the time. When the company decided to quit web development work and focus only on SEO services, Jesse began his acquisition of deep online marketing expertise.

Jesse attended the Ernie Pyle School of Journalism at Indiana University.