Simple Engagement Yields Gains

Case Study: Sports Fashion Retail, E-Commerce


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The Problem:

The client had an appetite for growth but there was already excessive demand on internal resources that were stretched covering design and development. Clearly focused and rapidly actionable advice was needed to drive positive online metrics for a store that was experiencing slight declines in traffic, conversions and average lifetime value.

The Solution:

Working with the client before the engagement, Kairos Zero was able to understand demands on budget and bandwidth. The engagement would have to be delivered a compact and non-threatening advisory, set up to deliver maximum results with minimal resources. Kairos Zero developed and delivered a precise SEO plan and set up an A/B testing program to improve site conversion rates.

The Impact:

While changes to the website were being implemented to improve traffic acquisition via organic search, rigorous A/B testing was put in place to maximize the impact from the traffic the site was already receiving. Holiday season direct comparisons (November/December 2014 versus 2013) confirmed a 13.4% improvement in conversion rate and a 4.5% reduction in bounce rate.

Organic traffic is also improving. Despite still lagging behind in year-over-year measurements, the beginning of 2015 is showing week-over-week improvements averaging 5% per week. At this rate, the site will eclipse year-over-year traffic numbers from 2014 by early April.