Unique Approach Helps Grow Market Share

Case Study: Grocery Retailer, Consumer Engagement

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The Problem:

Grocery retailing in the US is evolving faster than predicted. Online is starting to significantly impact consumer habits, with buying behavior changes creating both opportunities and potential threats. A major supermarket chain wanted to understand the shape of the changes in more detail, then have a strategy in place to withstand and profit from them.

Major questions needed to be answered, like “How do shoppers use the web to buy groceries?” and “What kinds of new customers could we attract by deploying a better online strategy?

The Solution:

Approached initially by the client for an SEO exercise, the client and Kairos Zero worked together to grow the scope to include all digital channels. Marketing strategy recommendations directly reflected real consumer demands researched among the client’s shopper demographic. All strategy was backed by technical specifications for full implementation. This work provided the foundations for the client’s ongoing digital marketing development.

The Impact:

The client is currently in phase two of a four-phase plan based on the findings by Kairos Zero. Initial results show that early phase implementations have dramatically improved digital engagement with shoppers.