Big gains in holiday revenue: the result of a few months' hard work.

Case Study: Fashion Retail E-Commerce

(Year-over-year, winter holiday season.)

Gross Revenue

Conversion Rate

Organic Search Traffic

Website Orders


The Problem:

As one of the major brands in their niche market, this major fashion retailer found search engines weren’t delivering organic traffic to reflect their market profile from bricks-and-mortar stores and catalog sales. Job One was to drive online holiday sales for Q4, 2014.

The Solution:

Kairos Zero transformed online content to enable visitors to understand the unique strengths of the merchandise and the client brand, while positively differentiating them from their competition. Kairos Zero also identified opportunities in other traffic channels, employing an A/B testing regimen for landing pages to help grow conversion rates. Using what was learned in one channel, insight was deployed to increase conversion rates across the board.