Solving, Then Doubling Lead Generation

Case Study: Equipment Distributor, Lead Generation

year-over-year comparisons

Monthly Web Traffic

Conversion Rate

Organic Search Traffic

Leads Per Day

The Problem:

The client needed to generate leads for their sales team. To date, they had done little marketing, mostly creating tactical support for the sales organization.

The Surprise:

Just a few days into the engagement, a Google algorithm update resulted in the existing website losing most visits from organic search.

The Solution:

Kairos Zero implemented an AdWords strategy, to replace some of the organic search traffic, creating high-conversion-level landing pages. Kairos Zero also helped the client launch an email marketing campaign for visitors, along with another to re-engage past customers. When the new site launched, it complied with Google’s guidelines and regained previous search traffic levels.

Despite the sudden loss of site traffic due to the Google algorithm update, the client scarcely suffered a loss in lead flow from the website, making the extra lead sources double the leads per day after the search traffic was recovered. Into 2015, the site continues to grow organic traffic and leads per day.