From Great Idea To Profitable Business

Case Study: Custom Products, E-Commerce

compared pre Kairos Zero to post Kairos Zero 

Gross Revenue

Conversion Rate

Organic Search Traffic

Unique Visitors


The Problem:

A specialist product set with a niche audience needed sales growth. Although there were clear opportunities, the site was not reaching its target demographic effectively.

Sales were peaking at around $1000 per month, and the client was considering whether it was more prudent financially to abandon the business or to invest in one more attempt to improve its results.

The Solution:

Kairos Zero devised and implemented a strategy to improve the website profile, the offer appeal and the purchase experience for the target demographic. Specifically, the purchase path was strengthened through building a visitor community and growing relationship-based loyalty over time, via email.

A content strategy that encompassed the product and its unique market was launched on the site and promoted to the email list to increase the lifetime value of each user.

The Impact:

The site now regularly generates more than $30,000  per month. As you might imagine, they’ve decided not to abandon the business.